Our PTO is the backbone of our school. The Desert Sunset PTO organizes events and fundraisers with our community of families in mind. These events not only provide our teachers with supplies they need to keep their classrooms thriving, but they give us all an opportunity to connect with one another outside of the daily pick-up and drop-off hellos and goodbyes.


Maybe you’ve been searching for a way to become more actively involved in your child’s education. Perhaps you’re curious about where raised funds go. Or it could be that you’re simply on the hunt for a rewarding volunteer opportunity. Whatever the reason, the Desert Sunset PTO gladly welcomes you. Here are just a few ways you can support us:

  • We meet often! Check out our meeting schedule and join us to see what we’re up to.

  • Attend a fundraising event! This is a great way to observe what we do and why it matters.

  • Volunteer at one of our events. You might be concerned about over committing, but have no fear! We want your help whether it’s for one event or several.

  • Spread the word! Share about the PTO with other parents in our community. Many hands make light work, after all.

  • Turn in Campbell’s Soup labels and General Mills box tops to your child’s teacher or the office. Every little bit counts!

  • Send our PTO the seven digit number off the back of your Fry’s card. This provides us with the opportunity to get a local business involved.

  • Help with a project in the comfort of your home.