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Frequently Asked Questions

Time is precious, and we value yours! This is why we’ve gathered some of the most frequent questions we receive from Desert Sunset Elementary parents. We hope you’ll find this page helpful and useful as you prepare to support your child during their time on our campus.

Does Desert Sunset enforce a dress code?

We know each child is unique, and we encourage them to express their individuality. With that in mind, we also expect students to dress appropriately while on our campus. To find out more about what our dress code entails, please refer to the SMUSD parent/student handbook.

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Does Desert Sunset offer a bus service?

Yes, we offer transportation to and from school for our students. With that in mind, we do expect students to be kind and courteous while on the bus, and to follow bus rules. For more information and to view routes and schedules, please visit the district Transportation page.

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How do I enroll my child at Desert Sunset?

We’re thrilled to welcome you to our school! We want to make the registration process as simple as possible. To get started, please visit our Registration page, and call us at (623) 474-5601 if you need assistance.

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How can I get in touch with my child’s teacher?

We want nothing more than to keep the lines of communication open and to foster the parent/teacher relationship. To connect with your child’s teacher, visit our Teachers and Staff page. If you don’t find the information you seek there, you can always contact us at the front office, and we’ll gladly help you get in touch.

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What if my child becomes ill or needs medication while at school?

If your child requires any medication during the school day, please stop by the school office and complete a Medication Release Form. We do not give students medication—including over-the-counter medications—at school without a written order from a physician or parent. We ask that parents bring medications to the health office in the original prescription container, with the student's full name on the label. We do not allow students to keep and administer their own medications while on campus. Our school nurse will call your child out of class when it is time to administer any approved medications.

If your child becomes ill while in our care, we will keep them in the health office and contact you. Please make sure your child’s emergency contact list is up to date in case we cannot get a hold of you. If your child is having any symptoms of illness or running a fever, we ask that you keep them home until they are well.

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What if my child is tardy or absent?

We look forward to seeing our students every day that our doors are open, but we also understand that things come up. If your child must be absent from school, please call the front office at (623) 474-5605 as soon as you are aware of the absence. If we do not receive a call by mid-morning, you may receive a phone call from us to inquire about the absence.

In the case of tardiness, we also ask that you give us a heads up by phone beforehand. When your child returns to school, please send them in through the front office with a detailed note signed by a parent or guardian. If at all possible, please try to schedule doctor’s and other such appointments outside of school hours.

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What meals are offered at Desert Sunset?

Our district is pleased to offer breakfast and lunch to our students. We believe in the importance of good nutrition and know that students are better learners when they have healthy choices on their plates. To view monthly menus and apply for free or reduced lunch, please visit the district Food Services page.

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